Door Ding Removal

Lake Norman Dent Repair can take away all your door dings and make those areas look as good as new. Door dings may not always look like much damage, but the process of removing them takes the skill of a trained technician. In most cases, door dings can be removed in less than an hour. At Lake Norman Dent Repair, our door ding removal service is a quick and affordable fix that won’t take up too much of your time.

What is a door ding?

There are dings and there are dents. A ding on the door of your vehicle has a small diameter, which is usually one inch or smaller. The general rule is that door dings are the size of a silver dollar or even smaller. Anything larger than that would be classified as a dent.

Door Ding Removal

The process of removing door dings does not require painting, sanding or any new parts. The metal and paint are stretched through professional techniques used by the technicians at Lake Norman Dent Removal. We can also attend to multiple door dings as part of our door ding removal service in Mooresville, NC.

Car doors are a common place for dings to appear. Every time you park in a lot, you are susceptible to a door ding. Random shopping carts and careless people passing by can create a minor door ding. Many times, it takes car owners a little while to even realize a door ding has appeared on their vehicle.

Reasons for door ding removal

Lake Norman Dent Repair has affordable options when it comes to paintless dent repair. Here is a look at some of the reasons why vehicle owners have opted for door ding removal service in Mooresville, NC.

  • Selling your car – The slightest imperfections can knock down the price of your vehicle. Prospective buyers can use a door ding to negotiate a lower price. Investing a small fee in door ding removal could pay off when you finally sell your car.
  • Trading in your vehicle – Car leases penalize owners for excessive wear and tear. Getting rid of a pesky door ding or two will give car companies no reason to penalize you.
  • Cosmetic appearance – Most people take pride in how their cars look. One or two door dings can quickly turn into an eyesore. Getting rid of them will allow your vehicle to look its very best.